Hand Stripping: A Pawsitive Approach to Dog Coat Care

hand stripping - hand stripping a dog's hair

Are you a dog owner who wants to elevate your dog’s coat? Hand stripping is the answer you’ve been looking for! This old-style way of grooming means removing the yucky old fur from dogs with rough coats, like Terriers and Schnauzers. By embracing hand stripping, you can revive the natural shine in your dog’s dense […]

Effective Dog Teeth Cleaning Products For Home

dog teeth cleaning products - a dog holding a big toothbrush

Did you know dental health is crucial to a dog’s overall well-being? Healthy teeth are essential for chewing, digestion, and preventing dental diseases that can impact overall health. Regular teeth cleaning helps keep breath fresh and prevents plaque and tartar buildup, which can prevent gum diseases and tooth decay. Dog owners can provide optimal oral […]